Pistol Packing Ladies is a ladies-only shooting club established by women for women to encourage and empower one another through safe pistol handling and firing.  We encourage all women who want to learn to shoot, and those who want to hone their developed pistol skills, to join us for both on- and off-range events.  We love what we do.  We know you will too.  View our calendar.

Stay Safe.  Shoot Well.

Learning to handle a pistol safely is paramount.  Learning to shoot a pistol safely and with confidence is equally important.  Pistol Packing Ladies offers lady pistol shooters a safe and fun environment to achieve their pistol shooting goals.  PPL offers firearm handling and shooting classes, as well as weekly events at The Range to challenge all levels of pistol shooters.  The weekly events offer its members an opportunity to try different skills that will challenge them and help them enhance their skills.  Join us today. 

Building Relationships

One of the most enjoyable aspects of joining PPL is knowing that each shooter has the opportunity to meet other like-minded women who believe in the right to bear arms, to defend herself and her family, and to hone her pistol skills in a safe and fun environment.  Relationships begin on the range as lady shooters share lanes, get to know each other, and share their skills with one another.   Relationships continue both on and off The Range and often blossom into great friendships.  Join us today.