Semi-Auto/Revolver Concealed Handgun Permit Class

The Semi-Auto/Revolver (CHP) Class focuses on both the semi-automatic and the revolver pistols.   Each shooter will have the opportunity to learn to safely handle and fire a .380, four different 9mm pistols, the .40 caliber, and a .38 revolver. Included in the instruction is pistol parts and operation, pistol disassembly, ammunition components and shooting fundamentals, as well as a concealed carry weapons elements for the CHP. 

Due to the simplicity of the revolver, that Semi-Automatic/Revolver CHP Class is not taught very often.  We highly recommend joining PPL for a semi-automatic pistol class and stay after class for a few minutes so we can walk/talk you through the revolver.  We will include .38 ammo during the range instruction for those ladies who have their own .38 pistols.  Click here to register for the Semi-Auto Class.  Gift certificates are available upon request.

These classes are only available to people who are lawfully able to be in the presence of firearms and lawfully able to handle firearms.


This is a great class for the following students:


1) The beginner who has little to no knowledge of pistol handling and shooting and who is interested in learning about the semi-automatic and the revolver.

2) The shooter who hasn't shot a pistol in a while, who wishes to re-familiarize herself with the basics of gun handling and shooting, and who is interested in learning about the semi-automatic and the revolver.

3) The young lady (13 to 19) who is interested in learning about safe gun handling and shooting and who is interested in taking the class with her mom (or other female relative).  

The Semi-Automatic CHP Class is a  five-hour course  that consists of one four-hour block of classroom instruction and a separate one-hour block of range instruction scheduled for a different day and time.  This class is $140 per student for non-members and $120 for Pistol Packing Ladies members.  This class focuses on the semi-automatic only.  Ammunition, targets, ear and eye protection are included in this price of this class.


Students are absolutely encouraged to bring their own pistol, but it is not mandatory.  The student who brings her own pistol to class will be encouraged to focus on her pistol, but can try the other pistols upon request.
For those students who do not yet have a pistol, PPL will provide each student with the necessary firearms for this class. 

The range fee is $20 cash and is collected at the time of the classroom instruction.  The range fee is in addition to the class cost and is forfeited to the range should the student not show up for her scheduled range time.


Each class is limited to 6 ladies.


Teens (13 to 19) are $140/student.


Click here to see the class schedule.  Click here to get on the Semi-Auto/Rev class wait list.


Gift certificates are available upon request.