Pistol Packing Ladies is often asked if we teach NRA classes to men or couples.  Our mission has always been to focus on the ladies, however, we have two partners that teach men and couples classes.  Both partners are great instructors, so we encourage those Pistol Packing men (or couples) to do their research and to contact either or both instructors for your pistol class today.


Helmut, at B-A Hard Target, is a wonderful and patient instructor.  He has helped a number of students learn to handle a hand gun with ease after just a few hours of instruction.  If you are looking for in-home instruction, email Helmut at



Rob is a vibrant and full-of-knowledge-and-history kind of instructor.  Rob teaches out of his home and has an outdoor shooting range in his back yard, so the experience you receive from Rob will have an outdoor flare, which is a neat experience in and of itself.  To learn more, email Rob at 


* Costs associated for other-than-PPL instructors listed above may be different than those advertised on this site, so be sure to inquire what these instructors charge for their services.