I really enjoyed your class.  Learning how to safely handle a gun, and shoot one was very important to me since my husband has a few around our home in a safe.  I enjoyed the small class of women, and felt comfortable learning with them.  I haven’t been back to the range yet, but my husband and I are planning on joining the new range in Manassas.  I was very happy with all the one on one time you spent with us at the range, since I was a little intimidated about shooting at first.  I felt the class length of time was good too. I know feel like I will be able to handle a gun safely.  Thank you for giving the class.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Keep up the great work!  I definitely felt that being in an all woman’s class is the reason I attended yours.  You rock!  Enjoy the holidays.   –Judy, Nov. 13, 2014


I really enjoyed the class. You were a wonderful instructor by taking the time to help me really understand and really focus.  – Melissa, Aug. 6, 2014


The class was awesome, a great learning experience. I have had 3 friends inquire about PPL after seeing my pictures on Facebook. I hope they join the group. – Candice, Aug. 4, 2014


I thought the class was great and I learned a lot.  I can't think of anything you can do to improve it but if I think of something later I'll let you know.  See you Thursday. – Gina, Aug. 4, 2014


I really enjoyed the class. I liked that it was a small class and it went at a nice pace. I really learned some new things and great tips! I'll be working on using one eye for sure! I joined the PPL meetup group tonight so I hope that I'll be able to come soon! – Stacey, Aug. 3, 2014


I loved the class. I learned so much.  Was waiting on my husband or brother to show me how to clean my gun now I don't have to wait on them! Also learning about the breathing and stance was very helpful. The hands on experience at the class was the best way I learn it was very helpful! I learned so much! Will defiantly be joining ppl on a Thursday soon!!! Thanks so much for being an awesome instructor! You didn't make me feel stupid or uncomfortable which is a huge help! – Angela, Aug. 3, 2014


I had a great time at the class! And a fun time again at Ladies Night last night. You are an awesome instructor! All of the information presented was clear and helpful. Completing the class has really motivated me to practice more often and improve my skills.


This class was excellent as-is and I don't have any suggestions for improvement, but I would be interested in taking additional specific skill training classes if they were offered. – Sarah, June 13, 2014


I had a wonderful time with our "one on one" pistol class.  It was very informative and I learned a lot.  – Jamie, June 11, 2014


I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" for an awesome class yesterday.  You made it so easy to learn in a comfortable space and without intimidation.  Laura and Stephanie also had a great time. - Jessica, March 10, 2014


Thank you so much for doing what you do.  I really enjoyed your class with no men.  It was fun learning while spending time with friends.  With my dad a gunsmith, I grew up with guns literally all around me and my husband is a retired NCIS agent, but I was never comfortable with handguns.  I now feel a bit more empowered and knowledgeable. - Barbara, March 3, 2014


You class was amazing!  I have already recommended it to some friends.  you succeeded in keeping the class comfortable and fun yet on schedule and EFFECTIVE!  My purpose for taking the class was to come out with a good firm knowledge of my pistol and confidence to use if effecively and SAFELY.  you helped me accomplish that.  Our family has decided to go the range once a week for family night.  Thanks for sharing your knowlege and experience. - Gina, Feb. 28, 2014


I loved your class.  Taught me all I feel I needed to know.  Thought it was the right amount of classroom and range time.  Wasn't even tired or anything until after those last 5 shots!  Haha!  Thanks for a great learning experience as well as a fun day. - Bobbie, Feb. 8, 2014


I really enjoyed the class and have no complaintes or thought on improvement.  You have obviously worked through any issues and now the class is pretty seamless.  I am planning on attending Thursday night Pistol Packing meetups wehn it doesn't conflict with kids stuff.  Way too much fun.  Thanks, Teresa.  Keep up the good work and I will be sure to recommend [PPL] to others. - Denise, Jan. 28, 2014


I have enjoyed your class more than I imagined one could enjoy a firearm training class.  It's kind of funny because I thought a class as such couldn't be enjoyable, since it dealt with something I was anxious about.  My initial impression was positive as I saw all the materials ready and waiting.  That was nice and professional.  Watching the video was not very helpful, esepcially since now thinking back, I don't remember the specific info it covered without looking at the manual.  That is, however, a good thing!  Because I remember everything you covered, not the video and you were teaching along with it.  You approach was very patient and reassuring (key for beginers like myself) and had my attention the entire time, and that is where I learned.  Also, being able to practice hands on during "Classroom" time was great, and really helped build up confidence not only for me but for the other ladies as well, I'm sure.  The brief on what to expect at the shooting range prepared me pretty well, and the range time itself was a really great time.  Just as I arrived feeling anxious and a bit nervous, I left happy and eleated, and all thanks to you!  I am looking forward to joining the ladies on Thursdays one day.  Thank you for your terrific class.  I will be bringing my daughers for a class one day. - Anna, Jan. 12, 2014


My son and I learned so much from your class.  By the end of the class, we had the knowledge and confidence to handle a pistol correctly.  You kept the pace of the class interesting and engaging.  We look forward to taking more classes with you. - Patricia, Nov. 30, 2013


​I would like to say thank you for your time and patience. I have learned so much in your class. My husband and I are going to the range this Friday and I am going to make you and myself proud:) Sorry I can't attend the pot luck because our daughter has a Quantico Young Marines Birthday Ball.  You rock!  - Shakira, Oct. 16, 2013


I learned so much information from the class, and know it was just a start.  I gained confidence to handle and shoot a firearm, and most importantly, not be afraid of a pistol, but to use it in a safe manner.  I don't have any constructive criticism about the class.  I was comfortable, felt welcomed, and NOT intimidated.  That is due to you and your welcoming attitude about novices like me.  Jen and I went to the Range last Saturday, on our own!  That's not something we would have done if you hadn't introduced us to it.  I liked that you had a layout of the Range, went over etiquette and safety considerations , even before we went over to the Range.  We didn't feel as 'awkward', and the fact we are PPLs gave us a bit more confidence dealing with the staff and the testosterone wafting about  :)  I will definitely be joining you all again!!  Thanks Teresa! - Mary Kate – Aug. 25


Great class..cannot think of anything I would change - maybe remind folks to bring a sweater...that's it! Appreciate the confidence this class instills! Blessings!  - Kitt, July 17, 2013


I thought that the class was very informative - well taught and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  I hope to start back with Thursday nights once the weather gets cooler ... because I really do need to work on the "anticipation" and would like to get better with my shooting capabilities.  Thanks again for a great class! - Heather, July 17, 2013


Enjoyed this class and I learned a lot.  I am now comfortable handling a gun.
Thank you Teresa for working with me and supporting me.  – Elaine, July 17, 2013


My class experience was wonderful I have learned so much!!  I'm planning to make it back over there for some range time.  At work we are now talking about instead of doing happy hours, to do a shooting hours at the range :)  It is amazing how many people shoot just for fun!!  You ladies are wonderful, you made it very easy for me to learn but most of all to remember what steps I should take to be safe and stay safe when handing a gun - it was fun fun!! – Maria, July 2, 2013


I liked that I could ask questions and confirm understanding as we went through the class.  Will definitely recommend to friends! – Anonymous, June 21, 2013
I liked all the practice I got with handling a gun.  Thank you!  I enjoyed the personal attention and all the tips you gave me!! – Anonymous, June 21, 2013


This class was very informative!  Great class.  Loved the instructor.  Very knowledgeable and informative.  Just great! – Anonymous, June 9, 2013
It was a perfect day! – Anonymous, June 9, 2013


So glad I took this class!! Excellent instructors!! THANK YOU!! – Sharon, May 20, 2013


Thank You Ladies for such a great experience!! I went in to this feeling "intimidated" by hand guns (I'm a shotgun kinda gal) but you've given me the confidence to enjoy them as much as you do. Thanks again!!! "The Mayor"  - Maryanne, May 19, 2013


Thanks for the amazingly supportive experience for learning! Husband and I are talking about joining a meetup and I feel comfortable that each time might get a little easier (and he was impressed with my target skills..who knew?! lol!) – Amy, May 18, 2013


Thank you for an informative, fun class today. – Patsy, May 10, 2013


I loved the class and have been telling other women about it. I have only been to the range a couple of times since the class and am waiting to find a bersa 380 to purchase. We are in the process of moving -closing on a house in Spotsylvania with 4 acres. Hopefully, we can set up a target and shoot at home. Would love to join you and the other ladies for ladies night out in June when the craziness and paperwork involved in moving is over. Thanks so  much for the great class! - Many thanks. - Marianne – April 7, 2013


I SOOOOOOOO enjoyed the class tremendously!! U were an Excellent instructor and I would definitely recommend PPL to others!! Shooting the different guns enhanced the experience because it gave me the chance to see and feel the differences in the guns and to help in my decision when I am ready to purchase my own personal gun… I am already excited and ready to go back to The Range to continue and enhance my skills shooting… I wish my schedule allowed me to join the club and join PPL on Thursday nights and if it does change, I would love to join!! I had an amazing time and commend you for taking the time with me/us and helping me/us… I will continue to follow PPL for upcoming events, etc… THANK YOU!!!!!! - Yolanda – April 21, 2013


Thank you so much for your hospitality!  The class was wonderful.  I enjoyed my time on the range shooting a variety of guns the most. I learned that I don't care for revolvers, and that bigger is better!  :) Thank you for sharing your guns and your knowledge!  I would recommend to any woman wanting to learn to shoot to join PPL.  It is such a comfortable environment shooting with other women. – April 23, Michelle


I really enjoyed the class. It was nice to not have males involved. Nice atmosphere, we could ask any question and didn't feel like it was a stupid one. I did enjoy shooting a variety of guns. If you haven't purchased one, it really helps you get familiar with the types of guns and calibers. It definitely helps in choosing which gun to buy. And with today's pot luck, also learning gun maintenance as well. I wouldn't mind having a class for home defense or something else that builds upon this class but for the ladies. And yes, I would definitely recommend PPL to others! - Thanks again Teresa! – Jennifer, April 14, 2013


1) Did you enjoy the class and would you recommend us to friends?

Yes, and would definitely recommend it to others.

2) What did you enjoy most about the class?

All of it, and more.  I received much needed individualized instruction and lots of positive reinforcement, which was invaluable to me. Teresa is a natural-born teacher with instincts about individual student-needs that are right on.

3) Did you like the opportunity to shoot different guns?

Definitely.  When I first walked into class, I wouldn’t even consider owning a semi-automatic.  After shooting my revolver and then shooting the semi’s, I am planning to sell my revolver and get a semi 9mm pistol. 

My major objective was to get comfortable handling a gun.  This was achieved by gun-handling instruction during the first part of class, and then solidified during the range-shooting experience.

5) What could we improve? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Off the top, I can think of none, however, I will give this question more thought and get back to you. – Anne, March 15, 2013


I enjoyed the class very much. I have, and will continue to, recommend this class to my friends and family.  Honestly, I enjoyed every part of the class. But I mostly loved the fact that our teachers didn't make us feel stupid. There were things some of us didn't know and they treated us with respect and consideration, explaining everything until we understood. I also liked that the class was women only.

I LOVED being able to shoot different guns. I have only shot 9mms before the class. I am now IN LOVE with the 38 revolver! I plan on getting one very soon!  Yes my goals were more than met. I wanted to learn how to handle a gun and the safety associated with it. I also wanted to chance to shoot different guns.  I can't seem to think of anything that you could do to improve. I think you ladies did a fantastic job at teaching us how to handle the guns, how to safely use them, and teaching us all the fundamentals of shooting. - On a side note I have to say personally I appreciate the fact that when I ask a question or need advice you are helpful and understanding to me. You don't blow me off because I've already taken the class. You girls are awesome and I thank you so much for taking the time out of your lives to teach us all! – Brandi, Feb 24, 2013


1) Did you enjoy the class and would you recommend us to friends? 

Yes, I did and yes I have.

2) What did you enjoy most about the class?  The attention you gave to each of us.

3) Did you like the opportunity to shoot different guns?  Absolutely. That was a great asset to the class.

4) Were your personal goals/objectives met from taking this class?  Yes. Would you share one goal/objective with us and how it was met? I wanted to refresh myself regarding safety and handling a gun. You focused a lot on safety in this class.

5) What could we improve? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Have softer chairs at the table or maybe couches and tray tables all pointed in the same direction so when we hold and aim the gun we are always facing the same way. I know that’s lame but you did such a great job that I got nothing else to say to improve on. – Patti, Feb 24, 2014


The class was terrific and just wanted to say thank again.  ALso can I get the info on the flamingo holders?  So sorry I didn't make the happy hour.  I came home & decided to take a nap and slept right thru it.  My apologies. Hope to catch the next one!  Terry – Feb 15, 2013