PPL Club Reviews (2013 - 2014)

Lots of fun. Great to see everyone and when I have a Friday off this is a nice activity. – Carol, Friday Morning Shootout, Dec. 26, 2014


Another good time at the range and with the ladies. – Tammie, Friday Morning Shootout, Dec. 26


Had a wonderful time:-) – Shakira, Zombie Shoot, Dec. 5


Another fun night!!! – Tammie, Zombie Shoot, Dec. 5


Great night tonight. – Sharon, Open Shoot Night, Nov. 20


So much fun! – Eugina, Ladies Night, Nov. 13


Great to see All!! – LT, Zombie Night, Nov. 6


Had a great time. Thanks – Isabel, Zombie Night, Nov. 6


Another great time. Killed me some zombies tonight!!!! – Tammie, Zombie Night, Nov. 6


Had a great time!!! – Tammie, Self Help Night, Oct. 30


It was really nice being back and shooting with my club members:-) – Shakira, Self Help Night, Oct. 30


Great time and great people. – Terrie, Pink Target Night, Oct. 17


I was fortunate enough on my very first night to have great guidance from Terrie and Teresa! Didn't expect to shoot, but I did and it was amazing! Thank you both for making me feel welcome!!  - Tina, Pink Target Night, Oct. 17


I really enjoyed last night at the Range, and a big thank you Teresa for loaning me your gun. – Eugina, Oct. 10, Ladies Night


Had a wonderful experience, thanks so much Teresa, for all you do! I've not fired a gun (other than water gun) for at least 17 years and this was a great come back experience. Thanks. – Diane, Oct. 10, Ladies Night


Totally enjoyed myself. – Tammie, Oct. 10, Ladies Night


Had a great time. Thanks for all your help, Teresa. – Shirley, Oct. 3, Zombie


Great people – Terrie, Oct. 3, Zombie


Fun times!!! – Tammie, Oct. 3, Zombie


Had an awesome time… great fun! – Jaime, Oct. 2, Zombie


It was a blast! – Eugina, Oct. 2, Zombie


Fun night....really enjoy shooting the Zombies! – Rhonda, Oct. 2, Zombie


My first time joining the ladies and everyone was so nice. A big thanks to Terrie for sharing her gun and amo. – Eugina, Sept. 26, Open Shoot Night


What a great night and we had a newcomer – Terrie, Sept. 26, Open Shoot Night


Fun! Good to see everyone – Latoynia, Sept. 19, Couple’s Night


Had a great time and was fun shooting the zombies. Nice to meet new ladies too. – Tammie, Sept. 5, Zombie Shooting Practice


Had a great time- Heidi, Sept. 4, Zombie Shooting Practice


My friends and I had a wonderful time shooting zombies tonight :-) – Shakira, Sept. 4, Zombie Shooting Practice


I had a great time..I enjoyed shooting at Zombies. I definitely want to do this again. – Rhonda, Sept. 4, Zombie Shooting Practice


Fun Fun Fun!! Good to see & meet everyone! – Latoynia, Sept. 4, Zombie Shooting Practice


Totally enjoying. Even though I didn't do the drills - I was able to assist my buddy and that's what counted. – Tammie, August 29, Assess-the-Area Drills


A good challenge :-) – Shakira, August 28, Assess-the-Area Drills


Fun, fun, fun! – Gina, August 7, Zombie Shooting Practice


A great time! – Sherrie, August 7, Zombie Shooting Practice


Noisy and fun! Thanks – Victoria, August 7, Zombie Shooting Practice


Another terrific night, great stress relief. – Sharon, August 1, Open Shoot Night


Always good to get some range time in! – Tangie, July 31, Open Shoot Night


Great fun once again. – Sharon, July 27, Self-Help Night


I had a wonderful time:-) – Shakira, July 26, Self-Help Night


Had a great time Teresa and all the other women were great. – Terrie, July 24, Self-Help Night


Had a great time, walked 2 miles and 10,000 steps. – Sharon, July 4, 4th of July morning walk


Had a great time walking with the ladies. – Heidi, July 4, 4th of July  morning walk


It was awesome shooting with the ladies tonight. Everyone was very kind and nice. – Atonza, July 3, Zombie Shooting Night


Fantastic time!! – Virginia, June 26, Couple’s Night


Great to shoot again after so long. – Liz, June 26, Couple’s Night


It was great! Teresa is great at giving instruction and she never makes you feel intimidated to ask questions. Thanks for a great evening! – Laurie, June 14, Ladies Night at The Range


The FNH USA experience was absolutely AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for arranging it. – Sharon, June 5FNH USA visit


Fantastic! The best time I've had in a long time. Thank you to Teresa & the guys at FNHUSA. – Virginia, June 5, FNH USA visit


This was an absolutely incredible day with the PPLs at the Crucible. Thanks to FNH USA for hosting this event and inviting us to shoot their firearms. Thanks Guys, you were great! Teresa, couldn't have done it without you. thank you. thank you!!! - Liz, June 4, FNH USA visit


It was awesome.  – Pamela, June 4, FNH USA visit


What an amazing day can't wait to do it again! (My nephews were so jealous i shot the p90- they only get to shoot it in call of duty!) i think my dad was even a little jealous too! So much fun i am still buzzing! Thanks again teresa for setting it up and the guys at fnh were Great! – Stacy, June 4, FNH USA visit


There aren't enough stars! This was one of the best days EVER!! Thank you to Theresa for organizing the day and to FNH for allowing us to participate. - Debbie, June 4, FNH USA visit


Love the new targets. – Sharon, May 22, Pink Target Night


Teresa, because of your instructions my aim and hitting the target improved, thanks. – Gwen, May 10, Ladies Night

at The Range


I'm thankful for your welcoming personality and your patience with me. It felt great shooting my pistol again after so long and I didn't do too badly. – Marcia, April 17, 5-to-Move Challenge Night


Excellent!! As usual. Been so long since I blasted some lead downrange; great therapy.  – Carol, April 15, Ladies Night


I had a great time. Teresa was really helpful, given that is being almost a year since I last shoot. That said, big kuddos and thanks again. Looking forward to another gathering. :) – Bori, April 10, Ladies Night


Had a great time meeting everyone thanks for all the help :)  Jos - April 4, Zombie Shooting Practice


Had fun, gained some confidence and learned about my weapon. Also, met some woman from my area and others who were really nice. Loved it!!!  Angela, April 3, Zombie Shooting Practice


We had a blast :-)  - Shakira, March 28, Couple’s Night


Really enjoyed it!  - Barbara, March 27, Couple’s Night


I had a great 1st night! Can't wait for the next time!!!  - Tracey, March 21 – Ladies Night


Great opportunity to learn how to take apart a gun and clean it thoroughly.  As always, Teresa is a great help.  Putting the unassembled gun pieces back together was a learning experience in and of itself.  Good group of women to share experiences and information. - Donna, March 15 - Pot Luck and Pistol Cleaning


Thanks for once more helping me do this chore of gun-cleaning, and I always learn something new. - Anna, March 15 - Pot Luck and Pistol Cleaning


Such a fun exciting time!  Teresa is FANTASTIC! - Lea, March 7 - Zombie Shooting Night


I had a great time.  :-) - Shakira, March 4 - Ladies Night


I had such a great time! Teresa, you really are awesome!!  See you again soon. - Lea, March 1 - Ladies Night


Awesome as usual.  :-) - Rhonda, Feb. 21 - Assess-the-Area


Thanks Teresa, this was so fun!!! - Michelle, Feb. 20 - Assess-the-Area


My first night with a bunch of great people having fun.  Thank you for being so welcoming. - Jessie, Jan. 31 - Self Help Night


It was fun, even in the cold.  :-) - Dawn, Jan. 30 - Self Help Night


Great evening. - Alda, Jan. 30 - Self Help Night


It was awesome!  Great crowd! - Melinda, Jan. 30 - Self Help Night


Another shooting.  So scary.  I'm proud to be a part of the Pistol Packing Ladies so that I can learn and feel more comfortable in myself. - Dawn, Jan. 25


Lots of fun! - Betsy, Jan. 23 - Ladies Night


I had fun.  Thanks for the tips.  Can't wait to shoot again! - Amanda, Jan. 23 - Ladies Night


Awesome. - Alda, Jan. 23 - Ladies Night


Had an awesome time... even thought i was aaaa frrreezzziiinngg.  LOL.  - Melinda, Jan. 23


Great time!  Thanks. - Michelle, Jan. 3, 2014


Always a great way to start the weekend; make it your 'me' time. - Carol, Dec. 21 - Saturday Morning Walk


Great as always! - Karin, Dec. 20 - Friday Morning Shoot Out


I didn't use the golf target but really enjoy it... thanks for assisting me and showing me the ropes. - Anita, Dec. 19


Excellent night and great pistol.  Springfield XDm is my favorite!  Heather is right, Teresa is a really talented instructor.  She gets across safety, handling, loading, stance, hold, trigger pull and marksmanship, all in an interesting way.  Bullseye! - Liz, Dec. 12, Ladies Night


Great first experience!  Teresa was a wonderful teacher!  Will definitely be back! - Heather, Dec. 12 - Ladies Night


Awesome!  Teresa is super friendly and informative. - Emily, Dec. 12


I had a great time last night.  Teresa was great and I can not wait for the next Thursday night meeting.  Dec. 12, Ladies Night


My grandson and I nejoyed it very much.  My grandson's favorite part was feeding the alpacas.  Thanks for arranging the tour. - Lillian, Dec. 7 - Alpaca farm tour


​We had a great time as always! Just a few of us and plenty of room. – Karin, Nov. 22 – Friday Morning Shootout


I was there too even though I didnt RSVP. I realized today was the first time I didn't even have to think about my grip or stance, it all just came 'naturally', thanks to this group and my range-practice. – Anna, Nov. 15 – Friday Morning Shootout


Excellent. - Mary, Nov. 15


Great night. My best zombie night so far. – Donna, Nov. 7 - Zombie Night


It was great to get back out there. – Tanya, Nov. 7 – Zombie Night


I have learned so much and really enjoyed this last year with PPL.  Always a great ime. - Sharon, Nov. 3


Good conversation and food. I learned how to clean my guns for the first time! It was easy, after the first one! – Margaret, Nov. 2 - Pink Target Night


Terrific! Finally I learned how to take my gun apart & clean it. Thanks Teresa. – Virginia, Nov. 2 – Pink Target Night


Fun and again educational. Teresa, you are great – Sharon, Nov. 2 – Pink Target Night


Great first night. Nice having Teresa's help to get started. Flora, Oct. 17 – Pink Target Night


Glad I finally made it to a Zombie Shooting Practice! I had a great time. I am hoping to make more time for practice because I had a blast! – Laura, Sept. 5 – Zombie Night


I got something out of this paper-plate drill - it was a good thing – Anna, Aug. 29 Assess-the-Area drills


Fun as always! – Jen, Aug. 22 Ladies Night at The Range


A blast as always... pun intended! – Karin, Aug. 22 – Ladies Night at The Range


It was my first time shooting. It was awesome!! I cant wait to go again. – Carmalita, Aug. 22 – Ladies Night at The Range


I had a wonderful time introducing a friend to the range and a wonderful group of ladies. – Diane, Aug. 16 Friday Morning Shootout


My first time with you all. Had a great time. Thanks so much to teresa for helping me get better on my aim – Mary Ann, Aug. 16 Friday Morning Shootout


Great time. Met new people and learned a lot more about pistols. – Denise, Aug. 11 – Pot Luck and Pistol Cleaning


Had a great time! I figured out the 'stupid little gun' after I got home! Believe or not it is - pull back and lift! It's all in the coordination of safety position, trigger position and hitting the sweet spot to lift! LoL thanks for a great afternoon!! – Squirrel, Aug. 11 – Pot Luck and Pistol Cleaning


Awesome! – Michelle, Aug. 8 – Zombie Night


Great fun, as always. And, I got to try two differnt pistols. – Denise, Aug. 8 Zombie Night


Wahoo! This group is awesome. I'm having so much fun and learning so much from everyone in the group. You ladies are fabulous. Lucky me for joining such a great group. I'm travelling and wait for my next shooting practice. ;-) – Denny, July 11 – Zombie night


I always have an AWESOME time with you ladies! Didn't stay long but I sure had a ton of fun!  Those zombies didnt stand a chance. (: - Brandi – July 11, Zombie Night


Enjoyed the shoot! See you all soon! – Kitt – July 11, Zombie Night


Great group. Looking forward to meeting more people and learning from everyone. – Denise, June 20. – Ladies Night at The Range


Fantastic. My first time shooting and Teresa was a great teacher. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I'm signing up for the safety course. – Denise, June 20, 2013 – Ladies Night at The Range


Nice group of women. So grateful for the gun safety instruction class. I appreciated the patience and encouragement of the instructors – Donna, June 20 – Ladies Night at The Range


So unintimidating for my first time handling and shooting a gun. Great group of ladies. Teresa and her associates instructors were so supportive and helpful. So glad I could come and look forward to future meetings. – Donna, June 20 – Ladies Night at The Range


when i leave the range after shooting, I feel good. not sure why exactly but it's empowering and makes me feel confident and happy. – Anna, June 20, 2013 – Ladies Night at The Range


Another fun night! :) – Michelle, May 10, 2013


Had a blast last night! Learned a lot, can't wait to go back. – Jennifer, May 10, 2013


It was a lot of fun! – Karin, May 3, 2013


Had a blast! :) – Michelle, May 3, 2013


I had a great time! Thank you Teresa – Stephanie, April 25, 2013


I really enjoyed this! Thanks so much, Teresa! – Jennifer, April 25, 2013


It was great! Thanks Teresa!! – Karin, April 25


It was awesome! I had a lot of fun! Will definitely be doing this again! – Angela, April 25


I am loving it, comfortable group and easy to learn from. – Sharon, April 18, 2013


Erica was great and took the time to show us all we needed to know about the guns and what to do. I will definately be making this a regular outing! Thanks for everything! – Betsay, April 18, 2013


Had a wonderful time tonight, use the Glock 19 and the 34, loved them both. Leaning toward the 34 now. – Sharon, April 18, 2013


Had a great time! Looking forward to shooting again! – Sonia, April 4, 2013 – Zombie Night