Very enthusiastic group. – Trisha, Monday Night Shoot, Dec. 28, 2015


Had a great time. – Tonda, Monday Night Shoot, Dec. 28, 2015


Thank you so much Teresa! As always you were there to help me! – Amy, Monday Night Shoot, Dec. 21, 2015


I really enjoyed myself… I was so very nervous… Teresa was awesome! Really appreciate all her help and learn a lot in the little time I was there...Looking forward to doing it again!! – Cassandra, Monday Night Shoot, Dec. 21, 2015


It was awesome! I was a little nervous at first but then I got in the rhythm. – Beth, Monday Night Shoot, Dec. 21, 2015


Such a great group. Everyone is helpful. This target shooting could become addicting!  - Beth, Club Review, Dec. 21, 2015


I'm enjoying meeting people who have the same interests. – Gail, Club Review, Dec. 13, 2015


Ladies, I really enjoyed the time we spent together! – Gui, Club Review, Dec. 13, 2015


Had a great time ladies! Can't wait to do it again! – Patti, Zombie Shoot, Dec. 4, 2015


First zombie night... definitely won't be my last! – Janet, Zombie Shoot, Dec. 4, 2015


I really look forward to Thursdays! – Heidi, Zombie Shoot, Dec. 3, 2015


Never a dull moment at the range. Always good to see the ladies. Had an awesome night tonight. Got such a kick seeing Teresa with her new toy!!! – Tammie, Monday Night Shoot, Nov. 23, 2015


Monday Night Shoot was a great idea. I was a little early and left early but it looked like a good turnout. The Range was, shall we say, ... frosty! – Carol, Monday Night Shoot, Nov. 23, 2015


Teresa is a wonderful lady. She is always there to help. We were there to have fun and I really did enjoy myself and learned a lot. – Gina, Club Review, Nov. 23, 2015


Fun, Fun, Fun – Gina, Monday Night Shoot, Nov. 23, 2015


Three words - FUN FUN FUN. Very enjoyable morning with the ladies - as always. :):):) – Tammie, Friday Morning Shootout, Nov. 20, 2015


Had a great time this AM!! Nice seeing you ladies. – Janelle, Friday Morning Shootout, Nov. 20, 2015


Thanks Tammie & Teresa for everything tonight! The ladies of Stafford are fortunate to have you!! – Sylvia, Ladies Night, Nov. 19, 2015


Fun evening. – Sheila, Competition Night, Nov 12, 2015


Great night, thank you for hosting! – Janelle, Competition Night, Nov. 12, 2015


Another fun night with the ladies. Tonight was a bit more difficult so I think I have some practicing ahead of me. I did see some really good single handed shooting tonight. Congrats to those who have this skill. Happy shooting - Be Safe!! – Tammie, Weak/Single Hand Shooting Night, Nov. 5, 2015


Fun! – Tessie, Halloween Zombie Shoot, Oct. 30, 2015


I've learned so much from Teresa. I've taken another course from a different instructor but being with a group of women and having a woman instructor makes a world difference. Always have a good time when we meet. – Tessie, Club Review, Oct. 30, 2015


Lots of fun tonight, great turnout, nice to see everyone. – Carol, Halloween Zombie Shoot, Oct. 29, 2015


Good time putting down some zombies tonight. Enjoyed the girls night!! Happy Shooting:):):) – Tammie, Halloween Zombie Shoot, Oct. 29, 2015


Had a wonderful time tonight. We really enjoyed the zombie targets. Thanks. – Amy E, Halloween Zombie Shoot, Oct. 29, 2015


Had a good time shooting zombies!! – Sheila, Halloween Zombie Shoot, Oct. 29, 2015


Awesome - loved the early start! Allowed me to take my time to get comfortable with my new firearm and to ask questions. – Beth, Friday Morning Shootout, Oct. 23, 2015


Teresa. Thank you for sharing your lane with me today. I appreciate your guidance. My confidence is growing. I do enjoy the morning meetups during the fall and winter months. The basic class was excellent instruction and hands on learning. Will see you at the daytime meetups. Thanks again. – Mary, Friday Morning Shootout, Oct. 23, 2015


I really enjoy the group. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Teresa is a fantastic instructor and is always motivating and encouraging everyone. Beth, Club review, Oct. 23, 2015


It's always a five star event when the PPL get together. A little trying to talk but we get it done. A good night. Happy Shooting!!!! – Tammie, Open Shoot Night, Oct. 23, 2015


This event was very nice, small group so everyone had a chance to talk and visit. Some good topics raised and plans for future shooting challenges. – Carol, Whine and Wine, Oct. 18, 2015


It was great to get to know other women who share our common interest. Great women, great food, and overall great time!  Couldn't have been a better or nicer time! – Wendy, Whine and Wine, Oct. 18, 2015


I had a wonderful time, great company, great food and great conversation. Thanks for the wonderful evening. :) – Amy E, Whine and Wine, Oct. 17, 2015


I loved it. Such a lovely group of ladies. Thank you for hosting us. – Debbie N., Whine and Wine, Oct. 17, 2015


First timer, but awesome, Heidi, Club Review, Oct. 10, 2015


I loved the class from Teresa tonight. I learned a lot and she was an extremely good instructor. She didn't fill your head with unnecessary information!!! Thanks Teresa ~ Tess and I have a wonderful time and can't wait to see everyone again soon., Amy, Ladies Night, Oct. 8, 2015


It was great! Can't wait to do it again! – Amy, Ladies Night, Oct. 8, 2015


It was wonderful. – Amy E., Ladies Night, Oct. 8, 2015


I had a great time tonight...thanks for making me feel so welcomed. It was great to meet you all. – Andi, Ladies Night, Oct. 8, 2015


Had a good time. – Sheila, Ladies Night, Oct. 8, 2015


Cool.  – Heidi, Zombie, Oct. 2, 2015


Wonderful! Love going to the range with my husband. – Runia, Couple’s Night, Sept. 24, 2015


It was great! I learned a lot from an amazing instructor and I can't wait to go again! – Jessica, Ladies Night, Sept. 18, 2015


It was nice meeting you all last night!! Thanks Teresa for all the help and for letting me use your 9mms. I had a good time. – Sheila, 9mm Night, Sept. 10, 2015


Another fantastic night!!! Met some new awesome pistol packers :-) :-) – Jojo, 9mm Night, Sept. 10, 2015


I really enjoyed myself. Thanks ladies. See you all next time. – Mel, Zombie Shoot, Sept. 4, 2015


Really enjoyable time with all of the Ladies, Betty, Club Review, Sept. 3, 2015


Had a great time with the ladies – Betty, Zombie Shoot, Sept. 3, 2015


Another great night at the range. All the ladies did really good. WELCOME TO THE NEWCOMERS!! – Tammie, Open Shoot, Aug. 27, 2015 Night


Had an awesome time with the ladies. Will definitely go to zombie night next week. – Betty, Open Shoot Night, Aug. 27, 2015


A fun night at the range. All the ladies did some real good shooting. Keep up the good work. Welcome to the newcomers!!! – Tammie, Open Shoot Night, Aug. 20, 2015


Have to say, I'm very much enjoying time at the range with all these great ladies! – Janelle, Open Shoot Night, Aug. 21, 2015


Another great night!! Thank you for introducing my new weapon of choice, Teresa. The Springfield is awesome!! – Jojo, BEEWARE Target Night, Aug. 14, 2015


I was nervous last night because it was my first time shooting. Thank you to everyone for being so kind and helping me out. Teresa, I especially appreciate your great instruction. Looking forward to joining you all again! – Robin, BEEWARE Target Night15, Aug. 14, 2015


Fabulous night at the range with ALL the ladies. Bunch of fun!! Welcome to all the newcomers. You will enjoy the meet ups:):):) – Tammie, BEEWARE Target Night, Aug. 13, 2015


I had a great time. Thank you Amanda for setting me up. – Karen, BEEWARE Target Night, Aug. 13, 2015


I am glad I came tonight. Everybody was nice and helpful. Thank you for letting me join. See you ladies soon. – Mel,  BEEWARE Target Night, Aug. 13, 2015


The BOMB!!! - Charlena, Club Review, Aug. 10, 2015


What a nice day out with a couple of the ladies. I got some 9mm ammo for myself and some 22 magnum that my dad asked for. – Jenny, Gun Show, Aug. 9, 2015


Great group!! very friendly and way too skilled!!!, Victoria, Club Review, Aug. 8, 2015


I found the 30-06 plus all the 9mm I could carry. Great to see you too. – Carol, Gun Show, Aug. 8, 2015


FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait until next week :-) :-) :-) – Jojo, Zombie Shooting Night, Aug. 6, 2015


Fun fun fun night. Got me some Zombies. Got some good practice. Got to mingle with the ladies. 👍 Welcome newcomers!!!😊 – Tammie, Zombie Shooting Night, Aug. 6, 2015


Had fun trying out new targets and my new pistol! – Janelle, Favorite Target Night, July 31, 2015


Lots of fun!! – L, Competition Night, July 24, 2015


The ladies' were very welcoming. I'm going to enjoy getting to know everyone. – Leslie, Competition Night, July 23, 2015


Awesome, awesome, awesome night. Thank you Stacy and Teresa for those gifts to the winners. And of course welcome to the newcomers. Happy shooting !!! – Tammie, Competition Night, July 23, 2015


Thank you ladies... really nice meeting you all. Teresa, great instructions and class. – Sondra, July 16, Ladies Night, July 16, 2015


Thanks for a great first meetup!!! Nice meeting you all! – Janelle, Ladies Night, July 16, 2015


Really fun night. Not so good shooting. Welcome to the newcomers:):);) – Tammie, Ladies Night, July 16, 2015


I had the best time and enjoyed meeting everyone!! Thank you Teresa for your patience and instruction. Looking forward to the next one! – Jojo, Ladies Night, July 16, 2015


I had a GREAT time! It was really nice meeting everybody and getting a chance to shoot. Thank you, everyone, for being so nice!!!! – Leslie, Asses-the-Area Drill,  July 10, 2015


There is simply nothing wrong with shooting zombies. Did you have a good day? A bad day? Doesn't matter, shoot a zombie. – Carol, Zombie Shooting Night, July 3, 2015


Another fun night with the ladies. Welcome to all the newcomers – Tammie, Ladies Night, June 18, 2015


Once again it's great to be back – Shakira, Ladies Night, June 18, 2015


The meetings are always fun! We learn from each other, too. – Sherrie, Speed Drills, June 13, 2015


I had a lot of fun! Thank you so much, Teresa:)!!! – Valerie, Speed Drills. June 11, 2015


Another great day with the Pistol Packing Ladies, informative as well as lots of fun. Loved the chance to shoot at an outdoor range. Thank-you Thank-you and Thank-you – Sharon, Outdoor Shooting Event, June 6, 2015


I had such a great time! Thanks Teresa! Also, a big thank you to Silvia and Rob for giving us the opportunity to experience outdoor shooting. – Michelle, Outdoor Shooting Event, June 8, 2015


Another fun night with the ladies. – Tammie, Zombie Night, June 4


I had some pretty good groupings. It was fun renting the Glock and firing something different. – Jean, Pink Target Night, May 26


My daughter and I had a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves. I can't wait till next week!!! – Tammy, Pink Target Night, May 22


Awesome night at the range. Great group of ladies. Welcome to more newbies!!!! And thanks to Teresa for all the work she does to make us happy:):);). Thank you. – Tammie, Pink Target Night, May 22


I had a great time too! – Jennifer, PPL Gear Purchase, May 9


I had a great time and can't wait until I get my summer wear:-) – Shakira, PPL Gear Purchase, May 9


Wow so many choices. I can't wait to get my stuff. – Jenny, PPL Gear Purchase, May 9


Good day with the ladies. Enjoyed seeing everybody. Thanks Teresa for setting this up. Can't wait for the new t-shirt. PPL ROCKS!!! – Tammie, PPL Gear Purchase, May 9


Got me some zombies. I'm ready. I'm ready. ;):):) – Tammie, Zombie Night, May 8


Good as usual. Wish I were as good a shot as some of you! Please be my companion during the zombie apocalypse!! – Victoria, Zombie Night, May 7


Thank you Teresa. Not having shot in 32 years, you helped me feel very comfortable. Thank you for the instruction. It helped immensely. Thanks also to the other ladies that shared their guns. – Sheila, 9mm Night, April 16


Really appreciate the tips Teresa. So glad you are there to help us!! Thank you for these meetups. – Victoria, Zombie Night, April 2


It was bonding, educational, and enjoyable too! – Frances, Ladies Night, March 20


Thanks Teresa for your patience with me as a "Newbie"!! I had a grand time, it was fun and I will be back when I get another Thursday night free!!!!! – Charlena, Couples Night, March 13


Had a great time!! – Katheleen, Couples Night, March 12


Great night at the Range. Finally not a cold night. Had fun, especially when I got to shoot Teresa's KIMBER. Thank you Teresa:):):) – Tammie, Couples Night, March 12


Had a good time shooting with daughter and husband. – Shirley, Couples Night, March 12


I went last night! I had a good time! – Jennifer, Open Shoot Night, Feb. 27


Thank you so much Teresa! You are a great teacher! I had so much fun! I will definitely be back. Oh, could I get the name and number of the instructor for my husband? Thank you again! – Jennifer, Ladies Night, Feb. 13


Excellent night at the range. Hello to all the ladies I met tonight. Happy Shooting to the new ladies. – Tammie, Ladies Night, Feb. 13


Lots of fun ladies! Looking forward to next time! Thank you for the knowledge! – Rebecca, Ladies Night, Feb. 13


Had a GREAT time! Thanks Teresa! – Paula, Ladies Night, Feb. 12


Always fun to shoot my 9mm. – Rhonda, Ladies Night, Feb. 12


Had a great time Thursday. My shoots are still far apart but hitting the target. – Tammie, Zombie Night, Feb. 6


Totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse now ;) Had a blast! – Elena, Zombie Night, Feb. 6


Another awesome night!! Those zombies didn't have a chance with all the lady shooters on the defense. None got away!!!! :);):) – Tammie, Zombie Night, Feb. 6


I had an awesome time! Those zombies didn't have a chance! – Q, Zombie Night, Feb. 5


Really good night at the range - thanks ladies:) – Tammie, .380 Night, Jan. 29, 2015


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