Dedra Brown, PPL Instructor, is a USMC Spouse, mother, and law student. She joined Pistol Packing Ladies several years ago when her husband purchased a firearm for her after she and her young daughter were being followed at a park. Prior to the incident, Dedra had no interest in firearms and was quite fearful of them, but always supported the Constitutional right for others to bear arms.


Dedra's first firearm was a pink revolver, and prior to Pistol Packing Ladies, she had never fired a gun or visited a firing range. She learned to use her revolver during her first year of instruction with a great deal of confidence and accuracy, and now loves to compete with her husband.


Dedra loves to network and talk to women about firearm safety, and hopes that more women will become interested in firearm safety and shooting sports.


Teresa was impressed with Dedra’s commitment to her revolver and her resolve to learn how to shoot it well.  Teresa also noticed Dedra’s passion for helping other ladies at The Range and thought Dedra would make an excellent addition to the instructor team. 


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