Pistol Packing Ladies has had an opportunity to meet a lot of great people since the club opened its doors in 2011.  Some of these people went on to do great things in their fields of expertise and a few of them have come back to share their new products with us, often at a discount to our members.  We encourage you to click each link below to learn more about our partners and the products and companies they represent.

In the soul of every life and living thing lies an energy or life force, or “ki” as defined in the Japanese culture.  The essence of KI lives in our company, KI Concept® LLC, and through our Japanese-inspired wellness and lifestyle enhancing products and teachings, we personify the depth and the power of the human spirit, and KI.  


Our best seller and flagship product is the KI in a Box® - it presents a keepsake Japanese tea chest filled with products to celebrate the spiritual connection between people, the gift of true friendship, and the spirit of giving.  KI Concept® LLC promotes self-confidence, happiness, prosperity, and strength, and all things good in a PPL's life.  Try Ki Concept® LLC for gift giving ideas, a Japanese tea inspired gift box, great girlfriend gifts, or the much needed just because gifts.  Details provided by visiting  Email for local pickup (zip codes 2240* and 2255*)   

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Use code KI4PPL at checkout for a 15% discount.