Pistol Packing Ladies offers the Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) classes for the semi-automatic and the semi-automatic and revolver.  Both classes include a concealed carry weapons element that meets the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit competency requirements.  These classes are only available to people who are lawfully able to be in the presence of firearms and lawfully able to handle firearms.   


Both classes are taught in a safe, fun and comfortable environment and focus on the rules for safe gun handling, proper safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, ammunition and shooting fundamentals, as well as concealed carry weapons information.  Both courses include classroom and range instruction. 





The Semi-Automatic CHP Class focuses on the semi-automatic pistol.   Each shooter will have the opportunity to learn to safely handle and fire a .380 and four different 9mm pistols.  Included in the instruction is pistol parts and operation, pistol disassembly, ammunition components and shooting fundamentals, as well as a concealed carry weapons element for the CHP.  Click here to learn more about this class.  Click here to register for a Semi-Auto CHP class.


If you have interest in learning about the revolver, consider joining us for the Semi-Automatic CHP Class.  After class, we will take a few minutes to familiarize you with your revolver.  We will also include a few round of .38 for you to fire at the range.  When you receive your confirmation email, be sure to reply with your interest in the revolver to ensure the instructors are prepared.  Click here to register for the Semi-Auto Class.

Students are absolutely encouraged to bring their own pistol, but it is not mandatory.  PPL will provide the student with the necessary firearms for the requested class.


Click here to view our class schedule.