January 27, 2016

This is a helpful video on how to load your semi-automatic pistol magazine.



December 19, 2015

Here is a great video on how to lock your slide of your semi-automatic to the rear.  Stay safe.  Shoot well.

November 30, 2015


It's nice to have a good reference one can turn to when dealing with guns. 

November 9, 2015


Hello ladies,


As you know, shooting is fun, it’s exhilarating and it’s empowering, but before the fun begins, we have to think safety.  Safety first, safety always.


All of the rules listed below pertain to indoor shooting range, The Range, in Stafford, Va.  Many of th...

November 1, 2015


This short video is great for the novice shooter.  It demonstrates the basic parts of a semi-automatic pistol.


Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

October 27, 2015

I enjoy the fact that in Virginia, I can walk into a gun store and buy more than one gun at a time.  I choose my guns, I fill out the paperwork, my security check comes back approved, I pay for the gun and out the door I walk with my new pieces.  It’s easy for any law-...

Imagine this:  you are getting ready for a night out on the town.  Maybe you are headed out on a date night with your significant other, or perhaps you’re all set for a girls’ night out.  Your chosen outfit is attractive and flattering, all you need are just the right...

October 13, 2015

As much as I loving shooting, I'd never considered that there nearly 300 collegiate shooting programs in the U.S.  That is amazing to me.  For those young guns working their way through shooting programs as a youth, it's nice to know that they can take their skills to...

October 4, 2015


The zombie apocalypse could be upon all living souls at any given moment, so every shooter should hone her pistol skills as often as possible to ensure the livelihood of herself and her family.


To begin, the shooter must understand that to kill a zombie, one must shoo...

September 20, 2015



We had a great Ladies Night at The Range recently!  We had a number of our regular shooters attend, as well as six new shooters.  It is always a privilege to introduce new ladies to the awesome sport of pistol shooting.


We offer Ladies Night once a month at The...

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