September 20, 2015



We had a great Ladies Night at The Range recently!  We had a number of our regular shooters attend, as well as six new shooters.  It is always a privilege to introduce new ladies to the awesome sport of pistol shooting.


We offer Ladies Night once a month at The...

September 13, 2015


I am often asked what the reciprocity is for Virginia conceal carry permit holders regarding other states.  It’s a good question and a relatively easy one to answer. 


Reciprocity means that there is a mutual relationship between two states, such as Virginia and A...

September 7, 2015

A Brief History of Pistol Packing Ladies


I’ve always had a healthy appreciation for guns.  My older brother, Bo, hunted squirrel and rabbit in the backyard, skinned his catch and gave them to mom to cook for dinner.  I understood that guns were serious machines that ne...

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