Getting Started at The Range

We had a great Ladies Night at The Range recently! We had a number of our regular shooters attend, as well as six new shooters. It is always a privilege to introduce new ladies to the awesome sport of pistol shooting.

We offer Ladies Night once a month at The Range. The six to eight ladies in attendance receive a free 55-minute safety/intro brief. It’s fast and furious, but they get the point. After the brief, we go into the range to fire a few live rounds. It’s a lot of fun for the ladies as it introduces them to pistol shooting and, more often then not, they come back for more.

Some ladies are surprised that the basic instruction is free. Mind you, the ladies pay for their ammo, targets, range time, ear and eye protection, etc., but the instruction is free.

We don’t charge for this basic instruction because 1) it’s very basic and 2) we don’t want the ladies to feel that they can’t afford it. Shooting is a great sport and the knowledge and skills learned at the range can save lives. Although it does take money to get started, PPL helps reduce the cost by offering a number of suggestions that may work for certain shooters, such as a certain ear and eye protection choice. A shooter doesn’t necessarily need her own gun to get started with honing her skills, either.

Which brings us to one our favorite things about the Pistol Packing Ladies (PPL) Shooting Club; many of the ladies are willing to share their pistols and experience with curious and less knowledgeable shooters. It offers the new or the I-want-to-try-everything-before-I-buy shooter an opportunity to try a number of guns before making an expensive purchase. We love this because some ladies may only purchase one gun in their entire life, so having the opportunity to shoot a number of guns before they purchase allows them to purchase the right gun for them.

PPL began with a passion to share knowledge with other like-minded women. Keeping the cost down to a minimum allows more ladies to try pistol shooting and to learn if they have the passion for it. And, of course, most ladies do.

We love what we do.

Stay safe. Shoot well.

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