Zombie Shooting and the Five Fundamentals

The zombie apocalypse could be upon all living souls at any given moment, so every shooter should hone her pistol skills as often as possible to ensure the livelihood of herself and her family.

To begin, the shooter must understand that to kill a zombie, one must shoot the zombie in the head. Shooting the head can be challenging because 1) it moves and 2) the head is the smallest area of the body, therefore forcing the shooter to master the five fundamentals of shooting.

The five fundamentals of shooting include grip, aiming, breath control, trigger control and follow through. Mastering these five skills will give the shooter the confidence she needs to shoot the zombies that threaten her world.

Before the five fundamentals are discussed, the shooter must grasp the importance of consistency in honing her skills. When consistency is included in learning the fundamentals, the shooter builds muscle memory for those actions, therefore creating a sense of what ‘right’ feels like. Every time the shooter picks up her gun, prepares to shoot her gun and shoots her gun, the entire process should be ‘second nature’. Second nature is developed by always being consistent when practicing.

The grip is the first of the five fundamentals to consider. When the gun is in the shooter’s hand, the gun becomes an extension of the shooter, so a good grip is paramount in good shooting. The gun must be placed in the shooter’s strong, or dominant, hand with the ‘V’ of the hand (webbing between the thumb and index finger) placed high on the backstrap of the gun. Place the trigger finger off the trigger, along the frame of the gun, then simultaneously wrap the three fingers firmly around the base of the gun.

Place the palm of the weak hand on the opposite side panel of the gun and nestle the weak and strong thumbs together. Lay the four fingers of the weak hand over the fingers of the strong and hold the gun firmly with both hands. A good grip looks like this.

Next is aiming. If the shooter can’t aim properly, she is likely to miss the zombie’s head. Aiming is important. The sites are on top of the gun. Most semi-automatics have a three-dot system. This means that there is one dot on the front site post and two dots on the read site.

The eye can only focus on one thing at a time, so focus the dominant, or strong, eye on the front site. The front site should be clear and aligned with the two dots of the rear site. Since the focus is on the front site, the rear site will be blurry, as will the zombie’s head that the front site is focused on.

Now, breathe in and breath out. At the end of then exhale, the shooter should pause her breath enough to evenly pull the trigger to the rear. By pausing her breath, the shooter helps to minimize the gun’s movement. Zombies move, but the gun should move far less.

As stated above, when the shooter pauses her breath at the end of her exhalation, she should pull the trigger of her gun evenly to the rear. To do this, the shooter must pull the trigger with the pad of her trigger finger and pull the trigger consistently and evenly from the beginning to the end of the trigger action. If the shooter jerks the trigger or her gun in any manner, she will miss the zombie. Good trigger control ensures a good zombie headshot.

Once the round has left the barrel and the recoil is complete, the shooter must continue with follow-through. This means that the shooter must maintain her good grip and good sites so she can be ready to take the next headshot without delay. If there is no need for a consecutive shot, then the shooter will remain alert, but will not fire her gun. Ammo is a precious commodity during a zombie apocalypse, so understanding the importance of follow-through and the need to confirm a good consecutive shot before firing is paramount. If the shooter must take another shot, her follow-through puts her in a good position to do this.

Shooting skills are perishable, so the shooter should continue to hone her skills at every opportunity to protect herself and her family. By honing her skills, she will ensure that each zombie headshot is a confirmed headshot.

Come join us at the The Range in Fredericksburg, Va., with true-to-life zombie targets to work on the five fundamentals of shooting and prepare for the zombie apocalypse!

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