Collegiate Shooting Clubs, Scholarships and Programs

As much as I loving shooting, I'd never considered that there nearly 300 collegiate shooting programs in the U.S. That is amazing to me. For those young guns working their way through shooting programs as a youth, it's nice to know that they can take their skills to the competitive collegiate leve.

My research indicates that most of the college programs offered are college shooting clubs that offer the competitive shooter an opportunity to grow in her skills, but few programs offer scholarships. The National Rifle Association offers a tremendous website resource that the young gun can use to locate schools in a particular state or choose a particular shooting discipline to get started. The shooter can also learn if the college of choice offers a scholarship.

Although most colleges may not directly offer a shooting related scholarship, the shooter can find shooting related scholarships to help fund her education via other means.

Examples of shooting related scholarships include, but are not limited to:

1) Collegiate Shooting Scholarship Program

2) Rifle Scholarships

3) Rifling Scholarships For Your Education

Perhaps the sho​oter is already in school, but the school does not offer a shooting program and the young gun would like to introduce a shooting program to her school. The National Shooting Sports Foundation can offer assistance for that very purpose.

The NSSF helps organizations establish shooting clubs to bring awareness to the sport and to help teach others about firearms safety. This may be a win-win for the collegiate-level shooter who doesn’t have an opportunity to keep her skills current.

Whether the shooter is looking for a college with a competitive gun club, a shooting related scholarship or an opportunity to bring a shooting program to her current school, there are opportunities available. It takes good research and good initiative to get started, which any motivated shooter can handle.

Good luck!

Stay safe. Shoot well.

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