Safety Rules For Shooting at The Range

Hello ladies,

As you know, shooting is fun, it’s exhilarating and it’s empowering, but before the fun begins, we have to think safety. Safety first, safety always.

All of the rules listed below pertain to indoor shooting range, The Range, in Stafford, Va. Many of these rules apply to ranges across the country, so we encourage every shooter planning to visit an unfamiliar shooting range to call or web search that range for applicable safety rules prior to arrival.

  1. Whether you are handling a gun inside or outside of the range, always

a. Keep your gun pointed down range

b. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot

c. Keep your gun unloaded until you’re ready to shoot

2. Become aware of the best way to transport your gun safely from place to

place, whether you have a carry conceal permit or not.

3. Remember to bring your ear and eye protection, but don’t despair if you

forget... you can rent some at The Range, too.

4. Only shooters 21 years and older can shoot at The Range. Anyone younger

must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

5. If you are suspected of being under the influence or controlled substances,

you will be asked to leave the premises.

6. When you get to The Range, and if you’re carrying, your gun must be unloaded

and cleared of ammunition. If you gun is holstered, your magazine must be

removed and your slide locked to the rear.

7. Do NOT handle your gun, ammo or magazines in the lobby. Reserve all

firearms handling for the firing line inside the shooting area.

8. Don’t smoke, chew, eat or drink inside the shooting area.

9. To enter the shooting area, you must have your ear and eye protection on. No


10. This range has a two-door entry, or vestibule, to the shooting area. When

walking through the vestibule between the lobby and the shooting area, open

only one door at a time. ONE door at a time. This applies for both entry and


11. When the Range Officers (guys running the range) issue instructions or

commands, do as you are told. They are there to keep you safe.

12. When you hear, “CEASE FIRE”, stop firing, unload and clear your gun, lock

your slide back, lay your gun on the table pointed down range and step out of

the booth.

13. If you are conducting inappropriate, unsafe, reckless or negligent acts, you

will be asked to leave.

a. Do NOT shoot outside the booth

b. Do NOT load your gun or magazine outside of the booth

c. Do NOT point your gun at anyone or anything, except at a target down

range. This includes dry firing

d. Do NOT crossfire – shoot at someone else’s target in another lane

e. Do NOT go into the firing lane for any reason

f. Do NOT draw from a holster

g. Do NOT shoot from the hip

h. Do NOT use the bench position unless authorized to do so

14. Upon arrival to your assigned booth, unload your gun(s) and ammunition at

the table.

15. There is only one shooter in your booth at one time (unless authorized by the

Range Officer), and you can only shoot one gun at a time.

16. If giving or accepting a gun from another person, the gun must be unloaded

and shown to be clear of all ammunition.

17. Aim at the target to which you are assigned. Do not fire on other targets of

other lanes unless you are specifically authorized to do so.

18. If you experience a malfunction, jam or stoppage, ask the Range Officer for

assistant. Keep your gun pointed down range and leave it in place until the

Range Officer comes to you.

19. Once you’re done shooting, observe good range etiquette by cleaning up your

brass, throwing your trash away, and turning out the light.

Safety rules are rules to live by. Know the rules, follow the rules and have fun.

Stay safe and shoot well.

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