Stacy Hicks, PPL Instructor and Co-Event Host, is a small business owner here in Stafford, Va. She joined Pistol Packing Ladies about 3 years ago after hearing about the group from a couple of clients. When Stacy came to the range for the first time, she had never done more than hold a gun. She was very excited and nervous at the same. Thankfully, Erica was there to give Stacy a quick overview of safe gun handling and shooting. Thanks to Stacy’s wonderful first experience, she was hooked.


Over that first year, Stacy began to hone her skills and to hit her target with confidence and accuracy.  She also brought her friends and family to the range to introduce them to pistol shooting and to share her growing knowledge with them.  Stacy was growing as a shooter and as a confient instructor to her friends and family.  As Teresa saw Stacy's shooting abilities improve and her confidence in assisting others grow, Teresa thought Stacy would be a great addition to the instructor group.  And she is.


Stacy also enjoys shooting with her oldest daughter, Tori.  They shoot regularly at The Range and often challenge each other in competition, which usually costs Stacy dinner.


Stacy has never lost the exciting feeling of shooting.  She loves the confidence it gives her and she enjoys sharing that feeling and her knowledge with the new shooters that join PPL each week at The Range.


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